SOS Island Boot Camp Day 4: FOOD

With shelter, water and fire done, today’s task was obviously going to be FOOD!!

I shot this vid last night as a bit of a trailer:

And then I helped Alex, Tom, Robin and Veronica shoot this trailer for SOS Island in general:

This morning I decided to do an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit and that went a little nuts:

So with a zillion questions to respond to, I spent the whole day with my head down beavering away on my laptop. Around 11:30am I managed to shoot this:

Yep. No food today! Glad I had a big breakfast. This was the scene on the beach around 3pm:

And then half an hour later today’s show began:

I think we did really well. Afterwards, we got this nice little pep talk from Les (EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE!):

And I shot this as a bit of a trailer for what’s going to happen tomorrow:


No use getting stressed! After shower and dinner, Jo and I decided to write a song together, which we performed with Natalie:

Before you say it, yes it’s nice to see me finally emerge from the closet ya funny fecker you!

And before bed, we teamed up with Alex, Tom, Robin, Veronica, Liron and Murad to film the obligatory SOS-Island Harlem Shake video:

Then I answered a bunch more questions on Reddit, and posted this at 2:30am. I think I better go to sleep. Big day tomorrow… if I don’t make it to the island I’m going to be proper gutted.

Go #TeamGraham!!!

SOS Island Boot Camp Day 3: FIRE

Sort of getting into the hang of things now, although everything is exhausting and hot and sweaty and hard. But, come on, this is survival-lite: we stay in an air-conditioned hotel every night… Just you wait till we get on that island… no air-con, biting insects, foraging for food… that’ll sort the men from the boys.

In the morning, we have to be ready to go at 8:45am, and once we get on set, the morning is spent doing technical things, like getting mic’d up:


And then we play our own stand-ins for the rehearsals:


And pray for NO RAIN!!!


Yes, we are in the HEIGHT of hurricane season here in the Caribbean, but no problems so far…! So then the show gets underway. 16 of us, all mic’d, all doing pretty physical tasks in a hot, sweaty, humid environment… all doing our level best not to swear.


I have to admit, I was massively impressed by Les’s ability to make a fire with a fire-bow in less than two minutes:


And then even more impressed by Tan’s fire-starting skillz that led our team to boily water victory:


And thanks to Liron for this amazing pic, taken on my Samsung NX.

Let's hear it for SURVIVAL!!!
SOS Island Team 3(dom) With Survivorman Les Stroud

So then it was back to the hotel. Only I decided to head out into the Puerto Rican jungle to prepare for tomorrow’s lesson in survival from Les Stroud. Which I’m pretty sure will involve stuff like this…


You should watch that last one. It’s funny.

SOS Island Boot Camp Day 2: WATER

So then. We built a decent shelter yesterday but Les thought it was too big. But then he’s probably never woken to find himself BAKED in a black tent at the Roskilde festival at 7.30am. Shelter from the rain? Yes, bring it! But warmth – oh come on, it’s the Caribbean. If Samsung hadn’t put me in a hotel I’d be sleeping on the beach every night. Like I did in Sri Lanka. And Thailand. And the US Virgin Islands. And Australia. And Dubai. And Ibiza. And… well, you get the picture.

Today’s a new day, and this is how it started…


And then I heard a rumour…


And then we got into position (parched!)…


And tried to forecast the weather:


Before the show started, which you can watch here (WARNING: It’s very Graham heavy… like my mic is turned WAY up!):


But we didn’t get a critique of our sill-making tomfoolery, since we ran out of time. Did Team Three(dom) do a good job? Who knows. Although I will dispense this bit of GREAT advice:

Before going on a week-long Survival Boot Camp with Les Stroud, watch all the episodes of Suvivorman.


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Sun 29 Sep ’13:

Landed at San Juan International late on Saturday night – joined on the flight from JFK by Mert, one of the other SOS Island challengers. Mert’s a photographer from Turkey and I hope he is one of the 8 that make it to the island.

We were picked up from the airport in a minibus along with some of the other contestants and taken to Fajardo, a town one hour to the east of San Juan.

Sunday was spent getting to know the other contestants – Murad from Jordan, Veronica from Italy, Rosa from Texas, Brittany from LA, Robin from Sweden, Chris from LA, Kalyn from Canada, Liron from Israel, Tom from Perth, Alex from Moscow, Tan from Sydney, Natalie from Brighton, Jo from South Africa, Karen from Boston and the aforementioned Mert from Istanbul.

Samsung SOS Island Boot Camp with Les Stroud
Let the games commence!!

Later, we were given our equipment – a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and a Samsung NX camera each and we were given a tutorial by Todd, Samsung’s representative here.

In the evening we were treated to a meal together. Most of us then got an eaAnd rly night, ready for tomorrow: the first day of SOS Island Boot Camp with Les Stroud…