Jinja Island Here We Come!!!

So then.

Welcome to 2014.

Huzzah 2013 is finally over! I don’t know about you, but for me and a load of my friends it wasn’t much of a good’un. Maybe I was just having trouble adjusting after The Odyssey Expedition.

The year ended on a high, though… with me winning Samsung’s SOS Island competition – $100,000 towards an island adventure of my choice. HELL. YES.

Survival of the Smartest, apparently… you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

I also now have a literary agent who ISN’T the unholy lovechild of Murray from Flight of the Conchords and Stephen Merchant in Extras. I’m finally motivated to write the book of my travels, which will provide the backdrop to 2014, which will mostly concern the my quest to find, purchase and live on “Jinja Island”.

And more good news – my “One Second Every Country” vid has just smashed the 1,000,000 views barrier in less than 6 months.


In less good news, Guinness World Records have handed the decision about whether I get the certificate or not to their lawyers. My argument is that a trip to the border town of any given nation counts as a “visit” so long as you cross the border at a legal border post and you actually cross the border, visa or not. Whether GWR’s lawyers agree with me is another matter entire.

I have decided however, that whatever happens, 2014 is going to KICK. ASS.

You heard it here first.