This is not my beautiful house!
This is not my beautiful wife!
Well…. how did I get here?

It’s a long a complicated story. But it all starts with a great idea. That idea became The Odyssey Expedition – the first surface journey to every country in the world without flying. (Clicking that link will take you to a separate website.)

I finished that and soon afterwards signed up for my next adventure: SOS Island…  a Samsung-sponsored Survivor-like gameshow hosted by Les Stroud.

To cut a long story short, I won.

The prize was $100,000 towards an island adventure of my choice. Thus began The Road To Jinja Island.

But before becoming the lord and master of my very own island, my girlfriend Casey and I ran around Belize, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras on what we called the Ruta Maya.

Then we travelled south to Bocas Del Toro, Panama and embarked on an adventure living off-grid on a tropical island paradise we call Jinja Island.