SOS Island Boot Camp Day 2: WATER

So then. We built a decent shelter yesterday but Les thought it was too big. But then he’s probably never woken to find himself BAKED in a black tent at the Roskilde festival at 7.30am. Shelter from the rain? Yes, bring it! But warmth – oh come on, it’s the Caribbean. If Samsung hadn’t put me in a hotel I’d be sleeping on the beach every night. Like I did in Sri Lanka. And Thailand. And the US Virgin Islands. And Australia. And Dubai. And Ibiza. And… well, you get the picture.

Today’s a new day, and this is how it started…


And then I heard a rumour…


And then we got into position (parched!)…


And tried to forecast the weather:


Before the show started, which you can watch here (WARNING: It’s very Graham heavy… like my mic is turned WAY up!):


But we didn’t get a critique of our sill-making tomfoolery, since we ran out of time. Did Team Three(dom) do a good job? Who knows. Although I will dispense this bit of GREAT advice:

Before going on a week-long Survival Boot Camp with Les Stroud, watch all the episodes of Suvivorman.


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