SOS Island | Day 5 | The Smoke Monster

So the crew know we’ve been stealing food and drink – mostly because not everyone is as sneaky as Mert and I… they keep leaving their discarded Coke cans around the campsite. Murmurs amongst the production staff about removing certain creature comforts lead me to make this video…

Funny that this theme carried into the live broadcast:

After the live show I dunked my head into the ocean and once it got dark I lit a fire so that Jo could play her guitar and we could all sit around and generate a bit of good ol’ campfire spirit. But apparently, the smoke (from the palm fronds I was burning) “smelt bad” so I filled my dry bag up with sand from the beach and used it to put the fire out. I then returned to my hammock away from camp. Now I know how John Locke felt – am I the only one who actually wants to be on this damn island?!!

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