The Odyssey Expedition

The Odyssey Expedition was my record-breaking journey to every country in the world without flying. It began on Thursday January 1 2009 as I took a ferry over the River Plate into Uruguay and ended on January 31 2013 as I entered Russia (for the second time!).

Graham Hughes in Papua New Guinea
When you’ve been to every country, it opens up life’s bonus levels.

The trip was a total blast: I saw a lot, I did a lot, I learnt a lot. I didn’t get mugged, or injured – I didn’t even get ill and, more than anything I’ve ever done before, it really re-affirmed my faith in humanity.

The comprehensive blog I kept whilst on the road (there’s over 800 entries) is preserved for the betterment of all humanity at You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll find out about strange and faraway places that you never knew existed.

“We all dream about travelling the world, but some dreams are bigger than others.”

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