The Skinny on Jinja

The Skinny on Jinja

You wanna brief tour of Jinja Island? Yeah? Yeah??

Okay then……………

Here’s everything you need to know about my little gingdom by the sea.

Bocas Del Toro, Panama


  • The island is located in the Caribbean Sea, a few miles south of Bocas Del Toro town in north-west Panama.
  • Bocas has its own airport and is just 45 minutes by plane from Panama City.
  • Bocas is a big backpacker hub, plenty of new-agers roaming about sporting dreadlocks and sandals.
  • It takes 20 minutes to get from Bocas to the island on a speedboat.
  • The island is around 9 degrees north of the equator and is very tropical – lots of sun and lots of rain.
  • There are amazing (and usually deserted) beaches just a few miles away, as well as luxury hotels, such as Red Frog Resort.

Jinja Island From The Air


  • 2.2 acres, flat, grassy with over 100 tropical trees – Palm, Banana, Noni, Mangrove etc.
  • Helipad in case of emergencies
  • In VHF radio range of Bocas Town
  • Strong mobile phone signal – mobile broadband available
  • 20 mins from Bocas Del Toro Town/Airport by boat
  • Surrounded by mangrove trees which provide privacy
  • Fringing coral reef makes it difficult for unfamiliar speedboats to come close, which adds extra security
  • Calm waters – located within a mangrove reserve
  • Dry shed for storing electrical equipment
  • Ample room for a load of tents
  • 3 useable boat docks: 1 jetty/boat house, 1 wooden jetty for kayaks, 1 stone dock for delivering equipment via barges.
  • Island comes with a guard dog (Campesino) 9 chickens and a speedboat
  • There is no freshwater on the island, but there is plenty of rain.

Jinja Island - The House

  • Two bedrooms
  • Two floors
  • 8 solar panels
  • 800 gallon watertank fed by rainwater
  • Hot water / hot shower
  • Gas cooker
  • TV
  • Composting toilet*
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Wi-Fi
  • It’s possible to see the entire island from the house.

*Yeah, that’s being replaced with a flush toilet as soon as possible!!

All righty then! I don’t take over Jinja Island until May 1st 2014, so in the meantime Casey and I will be travelling up to Belize, Mexico and Guatemala to see for ourselves some of the famous Mayan sites such as Tikal and Chichen Itza… join us for the RUTA MAYA!!

Graham Hughes

Graham David Hughes (born 1979) is a British adventurer, filmmaker, television presenter and Guinness World Records holder. Graham successfully visited all United Nations member states without flying. He did so over a period of nearly four years and completed the task in November 2012. While on his journey he presented the television program “Graham’s World” on the National Geographic Adventure channel, a weekly look into his ongoing quest to break multiple world records by visiting every country on earth without flying.

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