The Stars and The Moon

The Stars and The Moon

By October of 2014 I was really getting into the swing of gringo life here on the archipeligo. Rana Azul on Sundays had become something of a weekly pilgramage for Bill, Janis and I. I wasn’t working there any more as Joseph, the owner (middle, yellow shirt), had discovered the joys of WorkAwayers.


I didn’t mind. It cost me as much in fuel to get over there as I earned working!

A couple of days later I had the pleasure of hosting the delectable CouchSurfer Valeria from Colombia on Jinja Island.

On the way to Jinja Island.


Valeria bonded with Campesino instantly… she even gave him a (much needed) bath!

Even though the visibility wasn’t as good as it usually is, Valeria had a good old swim around the island, picking up invincibility stars along the way.

Only for 15 seconds, mind you, and you’ll still die if you fall down a hole.

That night I awoke at 4am. Not quite sure why. I was on the couch downstairs and Valeria was upstairs in the big bed. I went to the loo and looked up at the moon… OH MY BLOOMIN’ HECK!!


There was a total lunar eclipse going on! I had completely forgot. I shouted up to Valeria, hoping that she wouldn’t hate me for waking her up. Thankfully, she was as excited about it as I was.


Thank heavens I happened to wake up when I did!! It was a beautiful cloudless night, the stars were crystal clear. Hello Mr Moon!

We took some pics and made ourselves some tea. I have lots of tea.

The boathouse looking out over Starry Starry Bay.

On Valeria’s last day I took her over to Red Frog beach on the old speedboat.

That’s Red Frog Marina in the background.

There we met up with Tori and Dave from the Eva Marie.


What a lovely hammock!


Dave’s like “Damn! Why can’t I be on that other hammock?!”

I even had a go on the “slack line” – the daftest method of transportation since the skateboard.

I will be two steps on the slack line… and then fall off.

That night Valeria and I went out in Bocas Town. I introduced her to the El Buga parrot…

The joys of Cards Against Humanity…

Valeria just learnt what “dogging” means.

The Bookstore Bar…
20141010_222208Live music in the Bookstore…
20141010_225044And the inimitable Leon Barros…
20141010_230418All in all, a bloody good night.

And on the way back the next day I saw this cloud that looked like a bird swooping down.

Talking of birds, my favourite little chick Caska was really growing, enjoying her special lunchtime portion of corn, and being wonderfully polite about it.


Goodnight Everyone!

Job’s a good’un. That evening I enjoyed a quiet, peaceful Jinja Island sunset all to myself.


Graham Hughes

Graham Hughes is a British adventurer, presenter, filmmaker and author. He is the only person to have travelled to every country in the world without flying. From 2014 to 2017 he lived off-grid on a private island that he won in a game show, before returning to the UK to campaign for a better future for the generations to come.

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